Company Milestone


Italthai Group’s commitment is to grow its businesses along with the country’s development using our experience and expertise achieved through our past success in various businesses.

The success of every business under the Italthai group will continue to prosper. We aim to develop our people, drive our business forward by initialing new ideas, products and services to deliver experience that answers the changing market landscape. This will create prosperity for all stakeholders.

With our commitment, Italthai Group will bring a wealth of expertise and multiple perspectives to lead the organization and all our stakeholders toward progress and new business opportunities.


Growing mutual prosperity through innovative excellence


We grow our people to become our driving force. We bring them up and empower them to explore new opportunities, deliver impactful products, services and experiences to our partners, customers and the community in a sustainable manner.

Culture Values

At Italthai, we believe that creating good brand experience for our business partners and customers can be achieved by all our staffs.  Such experience will create value to Italthai group.  We firmly believe that human capital is the driving force towards the organization’s sustainable growth.


Building a strong culture at Italthai Group

Listen. Speak. Share.  Collaborative working enables us to go further and faster. The key to do that is to communicate proactively.

Learn and grow.  Learn from everything around you both successes and mistakes. Grow from on-the-job and beyond-the-job experiences.

Create an Impact.   Be empowered to think and act differently to impact change.

Do what is right. Choose what is best for the company and people we work with.

Bring fun to work.  Put your heart into everything you do. Fill the workplace with positivity, passion and laughter.

Never give up.  Obstacles and challenges are always a part of working. Overcoming them will make you smarter and stronger.